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      and the government and private planning needed to make their lives easier.


Age-Related Articles

  • The MinEV project is a project for producing small electric cars for the elderly and the disadvantaged in Australia. These would be limited range, limited speed vehicles able to transport four (two forward, two backward-facing seats). This proposal overcomes the conventional problems of Australia needing a network of charging stations, and the costs associated with modern high-power batteries, etc.

  • The Plateau small-home construction project. This is the early document outlining a way of recovering suburban 'Commons' which are now widely used as bitumized car parks behind shopping centres. We felt they were needed as convenient and cheap land for small home development for the disadvantaged in a suburb. These should be self-financing projects, run by a local housing cooperative and funded through a State-wide member-financed mutual building society.

  • The Current Plateau Discussion paper. Over the years the concept has been refined numerous times. This is the current explanation of the idea.

  • Plateau discussion paper


    One of my Crossroads columns from The Australian 7 Aug 2001

    Stewart Fist

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